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What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette?

Bio-mass Briquetting Plant are high quality fuels that are obtained by processing bio-wastes obtained from agriculture, forests and industries. Bio-mass are generally disposed in a futile manner. Burning those wastes causes a lot of release of CO2 into the atmosphere. When they are briquetted appropriately their density increases along with their thermal calorific value. This fuel does not emit too much of pollutants or harmful elements such as sulphur or ash-fly.

Briquetting Machine Manufacturer

Briquetting Machine Exporters

Jay Khodiyar the brand name in Rajkot for manufacturing, supplying and exporting an outstanding quality of Machine which is known as Briquetting Machine Exporter. Briquetting is the procedure of compaction of deposits into a result of higher thickness than the first raw materials. It is also known as densification. The dealing with attributes of materials for packaging, transportation and capacity are likewise enhanced. As we are producing the briquettes at low cost and made conveniently available to consumers, briquettes could serve as compliments to firewood and charcoal for domestic cooking and agro-industrial operations, thus reducing the high demand for both. As well, briquettes have benefited over fuel wood in terms of greater heat intensity, cleanliness, convenience in use and relatively smaller space requirement for storage. The briquettes are normally cylindrical or rectangular in shape. 

What is Briquetting Machine?

We are the foremost organization as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Briquetting Machine. Biomass Briquetting Machine is the process of particle agglomeration under high pressure. Our offered machines are utilized to handle bulk materials, high pressure briquetting machine that has an extremely huge application assortment, such as coal upgrading, chemical powder agglomeration, metallurgy furnace, iron and steel plant, ore and mineral, waste recycling, etc.

Our offered briquetting machine is utilized to make briquette out of any waste that is produced from agriculture and forest waste. Briquetting means reducing the size of bulk density of raw material into compact form that makes it easy for transportation burning and increase its calorific values as well. We are offering the Briquetting Machine Exporters in India that produces quality briquettes without any support of binder or chemical. It compact the raw material with the assistance of high weight mechanical punches. In any case, amid the constriction of the material, temperature rise satisfactorily to influence the crude material to free the various glues that will abetment in securing the bits together in the compacted shape.

Having years of experience in this domain, we have done considerable R & D into briquetting mechanization for making the best quality of briquetting plant. Our machines are manufactured under the guidance of experienced engineers with the support of hi-tech Japanese Machines.

Briquette Making Machine Description

We are producing the high pressure briquette making machine that are utilized for preparing the coal fine, coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, iron ore fines, mineral powder, metal dust, cast iron dust, mill scale, manganese ore fines, fluorite powder, gypsum powder, ferrosilicon powder, and phosphor gypsum powder, nickel alloy, blast furnace ash, converter dust, coal gangue, Kaolin clay, MgO, NPK, graphite, oil shale, potash fertilizer, urea fertilizer, sea sand powder etc. into briquettes. The prepared briquettes can be designed of oval shape, egg shape, pillow shape etc. This Briquetting Machine Manufacturer is widely utilized in coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry etc.

Advantages of Briquetting Machines

    • These briquettes produced from briquetting machines exporter are environmental friendly, carbonized inside a sealed furnace, so that to prevent the air pollution caused by the raw wood charking.

    • The briquettes produced by the briquetting machines have 80% of charcoal, calorific value of 7500-8000kcal / kg and high density, so they are durable to burn. Moreover the ordinary charcoal has very low carbon content and calorific value of 6500kcal/kg.

    • These briquettes have no smoke, no spark, no ash, and little ash content and are very easily combusted than raw briquettes and ordinary charcoal.

    • The charcoal which is prepared from the briquetting machines have regular shape, so they are easy to store and transport. The hollow design makes it easy to burn.

    • The features of pleasant appearance, smooth or even shining surface will give charcoal briquettes a higher selling price. Frequently the price of charcoal briquettes is 10-40 times of production cost.

    • This charcoal has very low moisture content of 5% compared to ordinary charcoal that has higher moisture content.

    • The charcoal briquetting press machine can use the residue raw materials for second processing.

Applications of Briquetting Machines

In numerous countries there are huge amount of agro or forest waste every year, while most of them are wasted instead of made use of. For making the briquettes the tree branches, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo powder etc. are good raw material for charcoal briquette making. The charcoal briquettes produced by briquetting machines have wide applications:

  • Industrial Field: The charcoal briquettes are utilized as industrial materials in metallurgy, chemical industry carburization, rubber plant, etc.

  • In Agriculture: These charcoal briquettes are utilized to increase the ground temperature, improve soil, keep soil moisture, improve soil acid-base property or utilized as alleviator of organic fertilizer.

  • In daily life: This charcoal briquettes are utilized for heating, BBQ, or frying tea. They are also used to adjust room temperature, humidity and eliminate harmful gas.

Briquetting Machine Price in India

We are the foremost manufacturer of Briquetting Machine India that is highly demanded in the market for their superior and low maintenance. Our manufactured machine is kept for sale for our clients at the most affordable price in the market. We have manufactured the machines under the strict guidance of the adroit professionals utilizing the premium quality of instrument and modern innovative technology in grouping with the set of commercial center qualities. We are in the market since long providing the total arrangement of briquetting equipments for abroad clients for a long time.
With economy building up, the request of charcoal has continued expanding lately. So making conservative charcoal briquettes has turned into a decent business opportunity. Therefore, putting into Briquetting Press will bring you extraordinary economical profit. These offered Briquette machine are kept available to be purchased and our clients can benefit these machine and no more moderate cost. Biomass Briquetting Machine is made by ace proficient to offer most over the top yield in a sensible and essentialness gainful way. Skilled specialists, pushed progressions and essentially association have acknowledged a crucial part in Company's change.

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The Briquetting Project

This project is titled as Briquetting Plant This project involves processing agro-forestry & Industrial wastages into highly efficient form of fuel known as bio-mass briquettes or bio-coal. It can also be identified as environment friendly- renewable energy project. This is because the bio-coal produced out of this project has abundant availability, high calorific value, and cause least pollution. And so they can form an excellent substitute for the conventional fuels such as coal, diesel, lignite, and kerosene, which are getting scarce and costly apart from being highly pollutant.

Biomass Briquetting Machine India
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