Manufacturers of Briquetting Machine

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bio-Mass Briquettes

Briquetting Machine Exporters are highly beneficial fuel. Some of their positive features include:

  • Briquettes replace the usage of conventional types of fuel, which helps to conserve them for very necessary usage. This helps to prevent releasing too much of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • This fuel causes negligible pollution and does not emit sulphur or fly ash, and so keeps the eco-balance.
  • Since it uses only agro-waste or bio-waste for production it is cheap and is easily available in plenty. 
  • Excellent source of fuel with good thermal calorific value
  • Easy to produce
  • Does not cause emission of  effluent or harmful waste while briquetting
  • It offers consistent combustion
  • Due to their compact size they are easy to store, handle and transport.
  • Ash content is very low as compared to fuel like coal
  • The auto ignition temperature is very low as compared to coal.
  • Can be used in a variety of applications in the domestic, commercial as well as industrial arena
  • Does not have corrosive outcome on the boiler equipments.
  • It is non-hazardous to the environment, or any life on the planet.
  • It is an excellent idea for recycling the agricultural wastes that are mostly burnt in an ineffective way.
  • It prevents deforestation and conserves the natural forest resource.

This fuel has very few drawbacks such as it requires a huge initial investment for its production and also enough space for setting up the plant.

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