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Biomass Briquetting Plant Marketability

Biomass Briquetting Plant Marketability

Fuel is the most imperative as well as inevitable requirement of any type of Industry. But the conventional fuels used in the industries such as coal, diesel, kerosene etc. are getting scarce these days. Also their prices hike every now and then. Since they are costly and cause a lot of pollution, it is important to have a cheaper and better substitute.

Biomass briquettes form this vital excellent substitution, since they are made from cheap and easily & massively available bio-wastes, agricultural wastes. Also the added benefit of this type of fuel is eco-friendliness. They form an excellent source of fuel because of their excellent performance and high calorific value, than their raw material. It is an ideal option for making the most of the wastages rather than disposing them uselessly. 

Indu.stries understanding the benefits of this fuel have begun using this fuel in most of their heat based applications. Also it is very ideal for domestic purposes like cooking, fire-place, heating water as it is cheap and causes almost no smoke emission.

This fuel due to its multiple positive characteristics has very wide scope in the future. Hence the bio-mass briquetting plants are very profitable investments. The briquetting plant business is unquestionably booming in the market.


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