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Crusher Cum Shredder

Crusher Cum Shredder, Briquetting Machine Exporters
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Briquetting machine exporters need to be fed with right sized raw-materials for making optimum quality briquettes. Hence the bigger pieces of materials such as jute fibre, coir, chunks of wood and twigs etc need to be crushed or shredded to appropriate size. This is where our crusher cum shredder machine comes very handy. This machine operates swiftly and snips the materials in a size of 3 inches in diameter. The powerful performance of this machine is due to alloy steel hardened chipping blades & freely swinging reversible shredding knives. Also it has a highly powerful fixed motor. This machine can be easily mounted to the tractor to facilitate easy operations.

This machine is very efficient and consumes reasonable amount of energy. Since we manufacture these machines from high quality raw-materials, they are robust and have a very durable life span. Also this machine is very reasonably priced.

Electric Motor 30 HP
Production Capacity 2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr
Feeding Raw Material up to 3” Diameter
Output size 10 mm
Motor base plate attachment
Tractor driven wit PTO shaft attachment