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How to Briquette the Bio-Mass?

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Biomass Briquetting is an eco-friendly process as it does not involve any chemicals or release any effluent or harmful elements. Agricultural wastes such as stalks of crops, husks, remains of plants, wood barks, leaves & twigs etc are utilized for this process.

The general stages of this processing involves
  • Testing the chemical composition of the waste matter to find the possibility of their briquetting or if any additional waste is required to mix with them before the processing.
  • Approximately 15% moisture content in the bio-waste is acceptable for the production of good quality briquettes. If excessive moisture is present in the raw-material, they require to be dried either under sun or with the help of our Turbo-dryer CTD 60.
  •  Once the excessive moisture is eliminated out of the material, they are chopped, shredded to the appropriate size and bulk density with the aid of our crusher cum shredder machine.
  • Then the material is fed into the briquetting plant, where they are exposed to high pressure and temperature. This fluidizes the lignin present in the matter, which acts as an adhesive and binds the material
  • Then they are given determined size and shape inside the press of the briquetting machine
  • Finally they are allowed to cool after removing from the machine and are stored in dry place or transported to the required places.
Since the process does not involve any adhesive or binder, it is known as binder-less technology.

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