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Super 65 Model

Super 65 Model

Super 65 Model is our first innovation and is highly demanded by the investors who prefer only medium out-put plants with an average initial investment. This is because this machine functions powerfully and reliably. It is manufactured using good quality raw-materials sourced from trusted vendors and is very robust. This machine requires a hammer mill as it takes in only powdered raw-material for the briquetting operation. This machine is very affordable and is very profitable.

Production Capacity 700-850 Kgs /Hr Depends on raw material
Finished product Size 65mm Diameter
Briquette Length 100mm To 200 mm
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Raw - Material Size Powdery
Process Cost/Mt (Approx.) IRS.600 to 750/-
Electricity / Power
Required power connection 80 HP / 60 KW machine with powder mill
Practical used Amp. Load 72 –83 Amp (Approx)
Power consumption 50 –55 Units / Hr.
Production Capacity

The out-put of this machine may vary as per the moisture content and bulk density of the raw materials.

Sugarcane Bagasse : 450 to 500  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Groundnut shell : 700 to 900  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Saw Dust : 700 to 850  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Rice Husk : 350 to 450  Kgs / Hr (Approx.)
Other & Mix Raw Material : 600 To 750 Kgs /Hr (Approx.)
Operating Parameters : -
  • Input bulk density: 140 to 200 kg/m 3
  • Moisture content: 8-12 %
  • Size – passed via 6mm screen in a dynamic state
  • Briquetting pressure – 1200 kg/cm2 for binder-less briquetting
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