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The Briquetting Project

This project is titled as “Biomass Briquetting Plant”. This project involves processing agro-forestry & Industrial wastages into highly efficient form of fuel known as bio-mass briquettes or bio-coal. It can also be identified as environment friendly- renewable energy project. This is because the bio-coal produced out of this project has abundant availability, high calorific value, and cause least pollution.

And so they can form an excellent substitute for the conventional fuels such as coal, diesel, lignite, and kerosene, which are getting scarce and costly apart from being highly pollutant.

This project is also very beneficial for solving the wastages disposal problem. In fact it makes the most of the wastages, by converting them into highly efficient fuel.

This project is beneficial for developing and agricultural based countries. Since these countries have easily availability of agro wastes they can make the best utilization of these products with the help of this plant. This saves a lot of money wasted on pricey fuels apart from disposing the wastes smartly.

The chief motto of this project is offer “energy resource with affordability
This is the best project for making the best of the bio-wastages.


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