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What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette ?

What Is Biomass Fuel Briquette

Bio-mass Briquettes are high quality fuels that are obtained by processing bio-wastes obtained from agriculture, forests and industries. Bio-mass are generally disposed in a futile manner. Burning those wastes causes a lot of release of CO2 into the atmosphere. When they are briquetted appropriately their density increases along with their thermal calorific value. This fuel does not emit too much of pollutants or harmful elements such as sulphur or ash-fly.

And since they are made in a cost-effective manner, from bio-wastes that are generated in plenty; these fuels are cheap and available in abundance with no scarcity problem. Due to their prominent features they are highly preferred as a good substitute for conventional fuel such as coal, diesel, kerosene, lignite, LPG etc

The raw-material generally employed in the production of Biomass Briquetting Machine India includes husks of grains like: Rice Husk, wheat husk, Palm Husk, Soybean Husk etc, stalks of crops like: Cotton Stalks, Mustard Stalks, Sunflower Stalk, Castor stalk etc, Coir Pitch, Jute fibre, Bamboo Dust, Sugarcane Bagasse etc.
They are used in various industrial thermal applications & for the domestic uses such as cooking.


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